Bella just announced it is her birthday “season”

Bella whispered in my ear “my mom has cotton candy in hard to reach places”

"They shouldn’t show this on tv. She slams the door on the little doughnut girl, and that’s not nice. This could hurt peoples feelings. Like other people that sell things at the door"

Bella said “lock and load” and handed me a book

Bella: I think I was born in September. I think the 14th.
Me: but what year?
Bella: what’s a year?

She has a lisp

She has a lisp

Sam: bugs can’t speak English or any other language
Bella: they can speak Japanese

"I saw my sisters friends dogs fighting and I was really into it. I was like ‘champion dog fight! Champion dog fight!"

My mom said she could never do a cartwheel and bells said “why because you’re a woman?”

Me: what’s your favorite song?
Bella: Ariana Grandes new song. The girl from the song problem. That singer iggy from that song fancy is in it too. My friend said she’s only into the rap stuff. I don’t like that part.